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Types of Home Health Care

What’s Considered Home Health Care? Doctor care In some cases following a serious illness or injury a patient may become temporarily or indefinitely bed bound. The patient’s doctor will be able to make home visits to diagnose or treat the 
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Do I qualify for Home Health Care Services?

Do I qualify for Home Health Care Services? One may qualify for home health care services through one or more of the following options: Medicare Recipients of Medicare may qualify for home health care benefits meeting the following criteria: All 
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Become A Paid Caregiver for Family Members

Get Paid To Care For Loved Ones There are many individuals that take the time out to care for their aging parents or elder family members. Assisting them with bathing cleaning, grocery shopping and many other daily task that our 
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Home Health vs Home Care

Home Health Care Vs Home Care

“KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE HOME HEALTH CARE VS. HOME CARE” The terms commonly known as “home care” and “home health care” are often perceived as being the same service. However; these two care types though similar, but are in fact not 
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I Need A Caregiver For my Mother!                    You’re not alone. According to the latest statistics provided by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, approximately 12 million people in the 
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Medicare Vs. Medicaid

Medicare vs. Medicaid                                                                Medicare If you are a citizen over the age of 64, then you’re automatically entitled to receive Medicare which is a federal-funded health insurance program that guarantees coverage for our senior citizens. Medicare is 
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Exercise your Balance “Tips & Routines for Our Seniors”

Exercise your Balance “Exercise Tips & Routines for Our Seniors” -Written by A Staff Member at Newport Home Health Agency 9/12/2018                 Aging gracefully doesn’t have to come with the misfortunes of accidents, like falling and not being able to lift 
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Top 5 Healthiest Breakfast Foods

Top 5 Healthiest Breakfast Foods   How we start our days off is essentially one of the biggest decisions we make in a day. Every day is a fresh start. This makes breakfast one of the most powerful meals we 
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5 HEALTH & NUTRITION TIPS   Here at Newport Home health Agency we care deeply about our health statuses. Our community is filled with loving energetic individuals who have reason to live as long as possible. We believe that taking 
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