When does the week start & end / When is the last day to submit times?

Newport HHA work weeks start on Sunday and ends Saturday night at 11:59pm. You must work your weekly hours by 11:59pm on Saturday night. Sunday starts a new week and times can not be made up on new week. For example if you only worked 20 hours out of 25 hours in week 1, you can not make up the 5 hour in week 2.

I can not clock in or out!

Please call our main line 972-602-3500 Mon to Friday 9am -5pm to report any issues. It is very important you report your issues in a timely manner so we can make sure times go in for you. If you have having issues during after hours please Leave a message with your details or text our messaging line with your issue

What should I do if my patient gets admitted to the hospital or another facility?

Contact the office immediately! Notify the Agency with date of admission and which hospital they were admitted. No services may be rendered during their stay at the hospital or facility

The patient is requesting I do an unauthorized/assigned task.

Always call the office to confirm what tasks are allowed if you have any doubt. Each patient has a list of task he/she have been allotted. Please check in if you have any questions

What are the procedures for requesting time off?

Plan ahead and notify the office. Call us at 972-602-3500. We require a 2 week notice for requested days off.

How can I make a complaint about a patient I am servicing?

If you have any complaints, big or small, call the office and report the situation. The office will document and see if there’s room for improvement or make the correction action needed to resolve the issue.

Do you pay mileage?

No, the state does not reimburse for mileage through home health agencies. However if you are interested in signing up as your member dedicated transportation provider give us a call

When do we get paid?

Payday is every other Friday. We are on a bi-weekly pay schedule. Email us at Support@newporthomehealth.com if you need another payday calendar sent to you

The patient is requesting I come in on my off day. What am I supposed to do?

If a day was missed then you can make up the times if it’s still within the work week. If all hours have been met for the week, then you are not obligated to go. Newport HHA cannot offer compensation for hrs worked over the authorized weekly hours.  Contact the office for further assistance in this matter.

How can I get my patient more hours?

We do not authorize how many hours a member is eligible for. You must contact the member insurance company and request another evaluation. hours are based on how many tasks the insurance companies believes your member needs help with.