Medicare Vs. Medicaid

Medicare vs. Medicaid



If you are a citizen over the age of 64, then you’re automatically entitled to receive Medicare which is a federal-funded health insurance program that guarantees coverage for our senior citizens. Medicare is broken into four parts, Part A, Part B, Part C, & Part D. Alike to most private insurances; some parts require payment of a monthly premium, but are not financial based programs. To learn more visit the actual Medicare website at .



                Medicaid is a financially based public assistance program that is funded by taxes through both the state and federal government. So in most cases, lower income citizens are eligible for Medicaid. Although each state has its own set of regulations there are federal guidelines that apply. For more details, visit   Regular candidates for Medicaid fall into one of the following groups listed:

  1. Pregnancy – Both mother and child is covered under Medicaid once applied for.

  2. Parents of a minor, or a teenager living alone – Parents that need financial help and has a child under the age of 18 may apply. And also if you are under the age 21 and live on your own you too may apply.

  3. Aged blind or disabled – People with medical need may apply regardless of age. If you are over the 65 and cannot afford some of the premiums required of Medicare, then too apply for Medicaid as well.


  4. The Affordable care act – With no disabilities and no children under 18, the state provides opportunities of receiving Medicaid to low-income based individuals that are under age 65.

    -Written by a staff member at Newport Home Health Agency

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